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The Importance of Alcohol Recovery Programs in Hawaii

Drinking with your family, friends, relatives, or even strangers is the status quo for most of us. Occasions of all kinds such as weddings, birthdays, graduations or sports matches are where most people drink to have fun. And while drinking alcohol is not a problem for many, moderation can become impossible for some. Alcohol is a highly addictive substance, the abuse of which has been devastating to people and their loved ones for centuries. An inability to drink in moderation can result in Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), a condition which is not easily remedied without help, support, and hard work.

When should you consider applying for alcohol recovery programs in Hawaii?

If you notice that alcohol is negatively affecting your life in any way, you should seek help immediately. Sometimes people notice their relationship with alcohol has changed because it takes a lot more of it to experience the sensation of being drunk than it once did. At other times they are startled to find that when they try to drink less, or less often, they can’t. Plenty of people have realized they were struggling with alcohol because of how they got in trouble when they drank, or were suffering harmful consequences as a result of their drinking habits. Lost jobs, relationship issues, health problems, DUI’s, or just a plain inability to enjoy an activity without having a drink first: these are all characteristic of someone suffering from alcohol dependence. A common test for potential alcoholics is to either try to stop and see if they can, or to try to have just one drink and see if they can refrain from having another one. The inability to stop once started is a telltale sign of an impaired relationship with alcohol.

Simply acknowledging that you are drinking beyond moderation and that your relationship with alcohol is out of control is a powerful first step in your journey to receiving help. After the realization hits, you should seek help and find rehabilitation centers that offer alcohol recovery programs.

What is the purpose of alcohol recovery programs?

Alcohol recovery programs are important and valuable tools for getting over a dependency on alcohol. Some programs allow for on premises detoxification, allowing an individual to safely become free from alcohol. It is important to note that for many people, a medical detox is necessary and should not be attempted without medical supervision. Detoxing from high levels of daily alcohol use without medical supervision use can lead to extreme and sometimes fatal consequences.

Programs in general are designed to allow individuals the opportunity to step away from the triggers and stressors of everyday life while they start to learn how to live without alcohol. For many alcoholics, their everyday life is rife with reminders of drinking. Their homes, their routes to and from work and school, their daily activities… all of it can trigger an overwhelming urge to drink. By removing them from their environment, it gives them the space to form new patterns, to build new strengths and pick up new tools so that upon their return home they have a significantly greater chance of staying sober.

There are many different programs available, with varying levels of care. Treatment centers offer a range of services, all of which are focused on helping and guiding alcohol addicts along their journey of sustained sobriety.

The benefits of alcohol rehabilitation

Alcohol rehabilitation’s main benefit is, of course, recovering from alcohol addiction. It’s a gradual recovery process that helps the patient get over the addiction and turn their life around. People who work in alcohol rehabilitation are usually experts that can provide the best treatment and care to their patients. These programs also employ assistants whose primary purpose is to attend to the residents’ needs, ensuring both their safety and comfort. Recovering from alcohol addiction is not easily done alone. One primary benefit to belonging to a program is that affords the individual the benefit of having a team dedicated to their safety and success, increasing their chances of recovery a thousand fold.

Why is it important to have access to proper care?

Recovering from alcoholism is no small feat. The process is made infinitely less painful by receiving proper care, support, and guidance from trained professionals. They can ensure safety, provide emotional comfort and encouragement, and teach incredibly powerful tools to allow a person to get through the roughest moments of their transition. In a great program, the care goes beyond simply recovering, and transcends into reintroducing an individual to the great potential that life has to offer them. Through emotional, physical, and mental exercises, an addict can emerge hopeful, joyous, confident and excited about their life moving forward.

Where to find alcohol recovery programs in Hawaii?

Alcohol recovery programs in Hawaii abound and there are many centers that help those who struggle. Among the best is Honu House Hawaii. Located in Kailua-Kona, we here at Honu House are absolutely committed to being a safe and comfortable place for those struggling with alcoholism. Our center is for those who are willing and ready to transition from alcohol addiction to a recovering lifestyle. Honu House allows for stability so addicts can continue to be independent while recovering, as well as providing a close-knit community that serves as social and emotional support to let each person know that they are not struggling alone.

If you want to learn more about alcohol recovery programs in Hawaii, click here.

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    By John Burke

  • April 4, 2022

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