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Our Mental Health Philosophy

Our Mental Health and Addiction
Recovery Philosophy

At Honu House Hawaii, we are committed to helping our clients achieve lasting recovery so they can reclaim their lives with dignity and purpose.

Our holistic approach to addiction recovery and mental health healing is rooted in the philosophy that true healing and long-term recovery require a strong support community as well as continued support groups like 12 step AA meetings, Smart Recovery, Refuge Recovery and  other community involvement.

At our holistic recovery center, we also engage in nature immersion experiences like surf therapy, waterfall swims, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, parasailing and other hiking adventures. We know that physical activities like the above, as well as regular fitness routines, are very effective natural anti-depressants.

Our Mental Health Philosophy
Our Addiction Recovery Philosophy
Our holistic program also includes daily breath work practice, state-of-the-art cold plunge, infrared sauna and hyperbaric chambers. These alternative therapies help heal the deregulated nervous system, PTSD, and trauma while regulating inflammation and mood. We understand that addiction and coexisting mental health issues affect individuals in different ways and at different levels. Therefore, we additionally focus on addressing the underlying root causes of drug and alcohol addiction issues by providing a range of both evidence-based therapies and alternative healing practices. Finally, we believe having a sense of purpose daily is crucial in the recovery process. Once ready, our recovery team helps our clients with job placement, schooling, career guidance, and more. Our fully integrative approach to recovery allows us to address our clients’ needs on multiple levels with proven methods that lead to lasting results. By focusing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of recovery, our clients can achieve overall wellness and long-term recovery.
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