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Sober Companion Services

Our team understands that the journey to recovery extends beyond residential treatment or outpatient programs. That’s why we provide sober companion services to support individuals in their day-to-day lives and help them maintain a fulfilling, sober life.

A sober companion is a trained professional who accompanies individuals on their path to recovery, offering guidance, support, and accountability. They provide personalized assistance tailored to the unique needs of each individual, ensuring continuity of care even after completing a treatment program.

Our sober companion services are designed to bridge the transition from treatment centers to independent living. Whether for weeks or months, our compassionate companions accompany the individual as they navigate their personal recovery journey. They provide encouragement, help establish healthy routines, and offer coping strategies for the challenges that arise in everyday life.

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What are sober companion services?

Sober companion services involve the assistance of a trained professional who accompanies individuals in their recovery journey from addiction. The sober companion provides support, accountability, and guidance to help individuals maintain sobriety and navigate the challenges of daily life.

What is the role of a sober companion?

The role of a sober companion is to provide ongoing support and encouragement to individuals in recovery. They may assist with developing healthy routines, offering coping strategies, and promoting a sober lifestyle. Sober companions serve as a source of accountability, helping individuals stay on track with their recovery goals.

When is it recommended to hire a sober companion?

A sober companion can be beneficial in various situations, including transitioning from residential treatment to independent living, during high-risk periods or stressful events, or when individuals require additional support in maintaining sobriety. The decision to hire a sober companion is typically made collaboratively between the individual, their treatment team, and their support network.

How long do sober companion services typically last?

The duration of sober companion services can vary depending on individual needs and circumstances. It can range from a few weeks to several months. The length of service is often determined based on the individual’s progress, stability, and ongoing support requirements.

Are sober companion services only for individuals with severe addiction issues?

Sober companion services are not exclusively for individuals with severe addiction issues. They can benefit anyone seeking additional support in maintaining sobriety, regardless of the severity of their addiction. Sober companions provide personalized assistance based on the unique needs of each individual, supporting their recovery journey and promoting long-term success.
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