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How We Treat Alcohol and Drug Addiction

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Alcohol and drug addiction can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to feel powerless when faced with its destructive effects. At Honu House Hawaii, we understand the need for comprehensive addiction treatment that addresses underlying issues and physical needs to provide lasting recovery.

Our approach to addiction treatment is holistic, allowing for a comprehensive set of services to work together to address all aspects of a person’s life. Our team of experienced drug and alcohol recovery professionals is committed to helping you heal and find lasting recovery.

Honu House Hawaii partners
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We believe in a holistic approach because we understand that addiction is complex and requires an individualized plan tailored to each patient’s needs. The goal of holistic rehab is not just sobriety but long-term living in balance – physically, mentally, and spiritually. We are committed to helping our patients gain insight into the source of their addiction so they can make conscious changes in their lives for lasting sobriety.

Types of Therapy

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alternative therapy

Alternative therapy helps individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and mental health issues….

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group therapy

At Honu House Hawaii, we understand that group therapy is a key component of addiction treatment.

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individual therapy

Individual therapy is an essential part of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction at Honu House Hawaii….

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