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Excursions can be a valuable part of treatment for those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. These outings allow individuals to explore the beautiful surroundings of Hawaii and engage in activities such as hiking, swimming, and sightseeing. They can be a great way for individuals to build confidence, develop new skills, and connect with others in recovery. Structured activities outside of the traditional therapy setting allow individuals to gain new perspectives and become more hopeful about their recovery. By engaging in meaningful, enjoyable experiences with friends or family, individuals are more likely to connect with others and focus on their progress. Additionally, excursions can provide a purposeful distraction from cravings and foster feelings of joy and accomplishment. Ultimately, participation in excursions can allow an individual to practice coping strategies in different environments and build a better support system as they continue on their journey towards sobriety.


How do excursions help with addiction recovery?

Excursions can help individuals in addiction recovery or therapy by providing a new and positive experience outside of their usual routine, promoting physical activity and social interaction, and offering opportunities for reflection and personal growth.

What types of excursions are best for addiction recovery?

The best types of excursions for addiction recovery or therapy will depend on the individual and their specific needs. Some options may include outdoor activities like hiking or kayaking, cultural experiences, or volunteer work.

Are excursions safe for people in addiction recovery?

With proper planning and supervision, excursions can be a safe and effective part of addiction recovery or therapy. It’s important to work with a qualified professional to assess individual risks and ensure appropriate precautions are taken.

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Can family members or loved ones participate in excursions?

In some cases, family members or loved ones may be able to participate in excursions as part of addiction recovery or therapy. This can provide an opportunity for bonding and support in a new environment.

How do excursions help with building relationships and support networks?

Excursions can provide opportunities for participants to connect with others in the program and build supportive relationships based on shared experiences.

Can excursions be adapted for people with physical limitations or disabilities?

Most programs will have a range of excursion options that can accommodate a variety of physical limitations or disabilities. It’s important to discuss any concerns with program staff beforehand.

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