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At Honu House Hawaii, we recognize the significance of family in the recovery journey.  Our family services are an integral part of our comprehensive addiction treatment program, promoting healing, understanding, and healthy coping for both individuals and their loved ones.

Our family services provide a supportive environment where family members can learn about addiction, its effects, and effective ways to support their loved one’s recovery. We offer counseling and educational sessions that foster open communication and strengthen familial bonds.

Our inpatient treatment programs provide a safe and structured environment for individuals to focus on their recovery while receiving ongoing support from our compassionate staff. We offer a range of treatment modalities, including therapy, support groups, and holistic activities, to address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of substance use disorders.

At Honu House Hawaii, we believe in the importance of continued care for long-term success. Our treatment facilities offer comprehensive aftercare planning and support, ensuring that individuals and their families can access the resources they need even after completing our program.

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What are family services in the context of addiction treatment?

Family services in addiction treatment refer to specific programs and interventions designed to support and involve family members in recovery. These services aim to educate, heal, and strengthen familial relationships while providing a supportive environment for everyone affected by addiction.

Why are family services essential in addiction treatment?

Family services are crucial in addiction treatment because addiction affects the individual and their loved ones. Family members play a significant role in the recovery journey and can provide vital support, understanding, and encouragement. Family services help educate family members about addiction, improve communication, and foster a healthy environment for sustained recovery.

What types of family services are offered in addiction treatment programs?

Family services offered in addiction treatment programs can vary but often include the following:
  • Family therapy sessions.
  • Educational workshops.
  • Support groups specifically for family members.
  • Individual counseling for family members.
These services are designed to address the specific needs of family members and provide them with tools and resources to support their loved one’s recovery.
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Can family services help repair relationships damaged by addiction?

Family services can play a significant role in repairing relationships damaged by addiction. Through therapy and counseling, family members can learn healthier communication strategies, rebuild trust, and develop a deeper understanding of addiction and its impact. Family services provide an opportunity for healing and rebuilding stronger relationships within the family unit.

Are family services only for immediate family members?

Family services in addiction treatment are not limited to immediate family members. They can include anyone considered part of the individual’s support system, such as close friends or extended family. The goal is to involve those who have a meaningful connection to the individual and can contribute to their overall recovery and well-being.
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