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Best Alcohol Rehab Facilities in Hawaii

Alcoholism is a common addiction, spanning the globe and reaching far back into history. And while treatment of alcoholism was largely unsuccessful for much of that time, these last handful of decades has seen millions of suffering alcoholics achieve true recovery from their ailment.  There is no one way to approach recovery from alcoholism. A Google search alone will yield myriad proposed ideas, theories, and methods to address addiction. While many treatments, medications, and therapies exist separately from one another, many of them are available under one roof at rehab centers. By choosing to attend a qualified rehab center, you are giving yourself access to multiple forms of professional assistance.  Here we have listed some information that will help you find the best facility to assist former users on their journey to recovery.

Recovering from Alcohol Addiction

Before a former addict can start their detoxification journey, they need to find a treatment facility that suits their rehab goals. In some instances, a person may begin their detox at a hospital or a detox-specific center. Most alcohol addiction facilities aim to guide people safely through a detoxification regimen, which is then followed afterward with counseling sessions. Professionals help patients gain insights into their mental and behavioral patterns, while also working with them to form treatment  plans

However, Hawaii recovery centers specialize in other things, such as addressing polysubstance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and more. If your aim is to recover from alcoholism, make sure that is one of the issues treated by the facility you are choosing. Oftentimes, choosing a center that also treats co-occurring disorders, trauma, and more, is recommended.

Fortunately, the best alcohol rehab facilities in Hawaii are equipped to help you. A professional, qualified Hawaiin rehab will help you identify your triggers, and arm you with the tools, techniques, and healing necessary to successfully navigate those triggers once you leave.

The First Step to Recovery

Any journey — especially a lifelong one — begins with a single step. For former substance users, the first step is often identified as simply acknowledging their is a problem, followed by a desire and willingness to do something about it. However, when it comes to the first practical step to embarking on a journey of recovery, we look at  the process of detoxing. Detoxing, or detox for short, starts by getting the alcohol out of your system. Former users may experience withdrawals, which can be a hurdle when trying to recover. Alcohol users may (and it is recommended) need supervision, especially in the face of more intense symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Sweating
  • Shaking
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures

While no one looks forward to detox, there are a few things to keep in mind. First: do not try to do it alone; seek professional medical supervision to ensure your safety. Second: it is temporary, whereas the benefits will last you a lifetime. Third: Some rehab centers, such as the holistic Honu House Hawaii, have revolutionized the detox process. By provided alcoholics with medically assisted therapy, IV vitamin therapy, herbal detox wraps, massages, cold plunges, infrared therapy, and more, the process is quicker, less painful, and results in a completely different detox experience than alcoholics have traditionally experienced.

Medications for Alcohol Recovery Treatments

Former alcohol users are often given medication as part of their treatment. Rehab facilities — including the best alcohol rehab facilities in Hawaii — often provide access to doctors and psychiatrists who are able to assess and then prescribe appropriate, useful, safe medication to a recovering patient in order to further ensure recovery success.

Combining rehab treatment with appropriate prescription drugs is vital for many seeking recovery. If you attend a facility that offers Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT), the doctor who oversees the withdrawal process can prescribe medications whose purposes are either to ease the symptoms of withdrawal or are designed to ensure your safety.

In addition, some medications can even give you adverse physical reactions to alcohol in order to lessen your cravings. The most common examples of these drugs you might find in rehab are:

  • Acamprosate
  • Disulfiram
  • Naltrexone
  • Vivitrol

Here, we only discussed the introduction to rehab (detoxing and medication). However, the process and journey in a recovery center go far beyond that.

Continuing Your Addiction Recovery

Once you’ve completed rehab, you must continue overcoming your addiction. Of course, support is instrumental in avoiding a relapse into active alcoholism.  Alcohol rehab facilities in Hawaii should provide you with access to ongoing support and access to community. In some instances that may be in the form of continuing your relationship through some form of out-patient program, helping you find support groups near you, and/or creating a plan for how to access support (whether its online, through a consellor, or a 12-step program) once you leave.

Naturally, your loved ones can provide support, but sharing your struggles with like-minded individuals who are actively working toward recovery can do wonders for your own recovery journey. You can also visit non addiction support groups (such as a  meditation group) that provide insightful programs and resources for recovery as well. Your chances of relapsing are greatly reduced when you surround yourself with supportive, informed people .

Get Started on Recovery with Honu House Hawaii!

Detoxing your body is the first step of many towards recovery. Recovery is taken one day at a time, and each day is an opportunity to nourish and enhance your recovery. The work involved in achieving freedom from alcoholism will improve many aspects of your health: mind, body, and soul.  While you will face difficult moments and some of the work will be challenging, it’s an endeavor whose payoff is without equal: freedom, joy, connection, the realization of dreams, and so much more. While there are numerous facilities and treatment options, we encourage you to contact Honu House Hawaii — one of the best alcohol rehab facilities in Hawaii.

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    By John Burke

  • November 21, 2022

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