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Looking for Relief From Alcoholism and Depression in Kona?

How Can Depression Affect Our Lives?

Mental health is important to every single person on the planet. It influences people’s capacity to handle stress, pressure, problems, and respond to adversity. It impacts mood, energy, and a person’s ability to process new experiences or form bonds with others. Poor mental health has been linked to health issues in every area of the body, and good mental health has been cited as the key factor in someone’s ability to get through a difficult situation. The state of someone’s mental health will, and does, impact every aspect of their life. Suffering from conditions like depression or anxiety can rob people of the ability to feel loved or connected, can impair them from making important life decisions, and can lead to poor physical health, isolation, job loss, a lack of motivation, and more. These conditions steal the joy out of life, and make everyday tasks, like brushing teeth or making a phone call, nearly impossible.

The Effect of Alcoholism On Our Mental Health

People who have developed an alcohol dependency often suffer from the co affliction of depression.

A study published in the National Library of Medicine found that %63.8 od alcohol dependent persons also suffer from depression. Many people begin using alcohol as way to improve their mood. It can, in the beginning, be a distraction, make one feel lighter, funnier, or sillier. And while it has the effect of being a barrier from our sadness, the results are short lived. And after becoming addicted to alcohol, the chemistry of the brain alters in such a way that it actually becomes much more difficult to produce and sustain the necessary chemicals required for creating that “happy” feeling we all love so much. What we thought was helping, actually starts to work against us. It is no surprise that alcohol is referred to scientifically as a “depressant”.

What Can Depression Do to Our Body?

The impact of alcohol related depression is not limited to mood; it also affects the whole body.

The physical manifestations of depression are numerous. Depression has been linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease owing to the effect that it has on restricting blood vessels throughout the body. It can cause insomnia, extreme weight fluctuations and nutritional disorders, a lowered interest in or ability to have sex, fatigue, and a highly weakened immune system.

Is Depression Curable?

There are many ways of addressing chronic depression, ranging the gamut from pharmaceutical treatments to all natural wellness plans.

With proper help and treatment, a person can experience complete relief from the symptoms causing them harm. The experts believe and advise that a person should be maintain awareness of their mental health so when a person feels something is not right about themselves, they are able to reach out for help quickly.

How to Know When to Seek Help?

Some of the signs and symptoms of alcoholism and depression are visible, while others are not. And to know and understand a person’s status, one should do frequent deep self-evaluations.

The following are just a few of the signs of depression or alcohol abuse that may indicate you need to seek professional help:

  • inability to perform daily tasks like you used to

  • continually craving alcohol and drinking it in large amounts

  • continuing to drink despite ending friendships, relationships, losing your job or money

  • suicidal thoughts

  • a decreased interest in things that you use to enjoy

  • increased isolation

  • ruminating thoughts

  • difficulty sleeping

Where to seek alcoholism and depression help in Kona?

Those suffering from alcoholism, depression, or both should seek treatment. In Kona, centers such as Honu House Hawaii provide essential support. Our goal is to give help to those people suffering from alcoholism and depression in Kona and the surrounding areas. We can provide the necessary help that our patients need to recover from their alcoholism and the depression that comes with it. If you or a loved one is struggling with these problems, reach out to us today!

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    By John Burke

  • March 28, 2022

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