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Treatments You Can Get at Hawaii Alcohol Rehab Centers

One of the world’s most significant public health problems is alcohol-related illnesses. These usually arise from drinking too much, too quickly, or too frequently, all of which can lead to addiction. This is why alcohol Hawaiin rehab is so helpful in treating those with alcohol addiction. But different people have different needs. To this end, treatment will also vary from person to person. Fortunately, several treatment alternatives are available in Hawaii alcohol rehab centers to help you or your loved one.

Alcohol Detox

The first stage in treating alcoholism is detoxification. But as the first step, it can also be the most challenging. For instance, you will experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms in the first few days after giving up drinking. Sometimes, the doctor may prescribe sedative drugs to stop withdrawal symptoms. In some treatment centers, such as Honu House Hawaii, their detox regimen includes not only medications, but also IV supplementation, massage, acupuncture, cold plunges, and infrared saunas to create a nearly painless withdrawal process. While no one wants to detox, it is a necessary part of the recovery journey. Keep in mind that the best way to detox is always under medical supervision, to ensure your safety and comfort. Once you’ve completed detox, you can continue with other treatments in your treatment plan.

Alcohol Counseling

In alcohol counseling, the patient will work with a therapist to help identify and change habits that lead to heavy drinking. This is why it’s also called behavioral treatment because it aims to change negative behavior. So you will need to talk and receive advice from an alcohol counselor frequently as you work toward recovery. In addition, you’ll get the chance to discover more about who you are. This work might seem daunting, but it is an integral piece of moving on from addiction. When we understand ourselves, our traumas, and our triggers, we can grow and heal from them. That healing opens you up to becoming truly free from not only addiction, but also of suffering. Your work with a counselor or therapist will also give you new tools and techniques on how to maintain your physical and mental wellness going forward.

Inpatient Rehab

For people recovering from alcoholism, going through inpatient rehab is their best option. That’s because an inpatient rehab facility provides the most controlled treatment environment. Generally, inpatient rehab is for treating severe forms of alcoholism. Their treatment requires that they stay on-site for a duration of time, thereby eliminating the stressors and triggers of the home and work environment. While inpatient, the rehab center staff will care for you around the clock and prepare you for life after rehab. They would also give you the tools you need to recover. These include information on how to deal with triggers, the value of sobriety maintenance programs, and what to do if you relapse.


Not every patient will require medication while recovering in Hawaii rehab centers. It’s not always helpful or essential for everyone with an alcohol use disorder. Still, it can help a patient when used with a specific treatment strategy. Usually, these medications will help ease their withdrawal symptoms. Meanwhile, some will help with curbing cravings so they can remain alcohol-free. Working with a licensed physician, you will be able to determine what is best for you.

Mutual Support Groups

When combined with professional treatment, mutual support groups can provide invaluable additional support. Here, patients can gain helpful insight from one another. Joining mutual support groups will also help with loneliness. It’s a great opportunity for you to make new friendships and become part of an exciting, supportive community that will enhance your new lifestyle.

Start a new life with the help of Hawaii Alcohol Rehab Centers

There are various paths to recovery. And understanding the options available to you is one of the steps. But ultimately, healing will start with your decision to get treated. So, get treatment today before things get worse. Give yourself a life you deserve by getting treated at one of our Hawaii alcohol rehab centers, such as Honu House Hawaii. We are delighted to connect with you and support you on your road to a new way of life. Call us today!

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    By John Burke

  • August 22, 2022

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