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The Relationship Between Gaming Addiction and Depression

Video games are extremely popular in today’s world. In the age of globalism, video games are so popular and widespread, in fact, that some of them are even hosted as worldwide tournaments. When used in moderation, video games are a form of entertainment and leisure. However, as with anything that can be consumed, too much of a good thing is actually, well, bad.

Did you know that when a person ceases to have control over their video game usage it can lead not only a gaming addiction, but depression as well? In addition, excessive gaming can result in emotional suppression, dopamine exhaustion, lack of motivation, and other mental health issues.

What Exactly is Gaming Addiction?

Video game addiction is a condition caused by losing control of gaming habits, which then leads to negative consequences in various aspects of your life. It includes self-care, your relationship with other people, school responsibilities, and work duties.

Depression and gaming addiction are correlated, which means they influence one another. If one escalates, the other will intensify, too. However, treating one will also mitigate the other. So, taking immediate action to recover from the two conditions is a win-win situation.

Risk and Health Concerns of Gaming Addiction

Inactive Lifestyle

Playing video games normally results in a very sedentary lifestyle, sitt in front of your computer or TV for countless hours on end, day in and day out. The lack of physical activity and body movement due to excessive video game playing can lead to health concerns. These can include poor posture, gaining weight, and increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

Loss of Social Engagement

Sure, playing video games lets you connect with other people in an online environment. But you can’t compare it to socializing with others in person. Socializing with people personally (one-on-one), and through technology are two entirely different things. Engaging on some level with people who are actually present in your life is an important part of the human experience, and going without it can be harmful to your mental and emotional health.

Concentration and Attention Issues

The fast-paced actions and rapid movements in video games promote a decrease in the ability to sustain concentration for lengthy periods of time on normal activities. Therefore, children who spend too much time playing video games can become less interested in other activities. For example, they might quickly lose interest in reading books and other activities requiring prolonged attention and focus.

Developmental Tasks Avoidance

For children to be able to handle various challenges of becoming an adult, they must learn how to deal with social experiences. Puberty is the time in which teens experience personal development and self-discovery. Excessive video gaming will lead to the avoidance of the developmental challenges of growing up, and for many adult gamers who grew up playing games, they still have never fully developed the skill sets that they missed out on during childhood and adolescence.

Increased Violence and Aggression

Video games that focus on fighting, combat, and violence can increase aggression and violence. Therefore, parents and guardians must continually monitor what video games their children are playing. That’s because it may result in behavior changes and other negative aspects of a child’s personality. The same can be said for adults, however, so an increased intake in violent subject matter is not healthy at any age.

Video gaming addiction may not be seen as severe as other addictive disorders, but that would be an incorrect assessment. Video game addiction can have extremely adverse effects on your or a loved one’s behavior and life. Additionally, gaming addiction and depression are two serious problems everyone must know about. If you or someone you love is struggling with either or both issues, we advise you to consult with experts. Here at Honu House Hawaii, our doors are open to help anyone struggling with gaming addiction and depression. Get in touch with us today for depression counseling near you in Hawaii.

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    By John Burke

  • October 14, 2022

Discover the nuanced connection between gaming addiction and depression through the lens of John Burke, co-owner of Honu House Hawaii.

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