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The Top Nine Qualities To Look For In Drug Rehab Centers In Hawaii

Finding the right Hawaii rehabilitation services for your loved one can be challenging. Before picking the right one, you need to know what to look for. What are the most important criteria for choosing the right drug rehab centers in Hawaii?

In this article, we shall walk you through the top qualities you must consider when selecting a rehab center.

Qualities To Look For a Drug Rehab Center in Hawaii

You see, there are many qualities to take into consideration when selecting a drug rehab center. Therefore, we accumulated a list of qualities you should consider before finalizing your decision.


Accreditation is one of, if not the most, important criteria when choosing a rehab. Be sure that the proper authorities accredit the drug rehab center you are considering. Certified Hawaii rehabilitation service providers must commit to quality improvement, concentrate on each client’s particular requirements, and track the results of services. This process can be time-consuming and expensive for drug rehab facilities, but they do it to ensure the proper care for their clients. So finding one that has completed their accreditation demonstrates its dedication to providing the highest quality care possible.

Operates with Competent Experts

Find a center that only employs doctors and other certified, credentialled professionals. If a drug rehab center operates with experts, you can be sure they have the necessary training to take care of their clients.

Offers Personalized Program

Drug rehabilitation facilities must put effort into helping each patient find their best options. The ideal drug rehab facilities want to assess your physical and mental wellbeing. They will talk about underlying problems and co-occurring disorders. In addition, they should consider how they may assist with your family circumstances and how it influences your substance misuse.

Has Program Options

Hawaii rehabilitation should provide suitable treatment for their client’s unique needs. There are many different therapies and remedies available. So you should research drug rehab facilities that offer appealing therapeutic strategies. If there program is limited in scope, they may not be able to serve you or your loved one as well as centers who have a more diverse offering of therapies and methodologies.

The Top Nine Qualities To Look For In Drug Rehab Centers In Hawaii

Doesn’t Overpromise

Addiction cannot be treated quickly. Drug rehab facilities shouldn’t make that available to you. If the facilities you speak with guarantee tremendous results with little time and effort, that should raise some red flags for you. Be sure that the talks you are having are authentic.

Has the “Right” Amenities

Check out the facility’s amenities first to see which ones you might be interested in. While it might not rank as high on the list as their credentials and therapy offerings, it does make a difference when entering into a recovery to have access to things that might be of interest to you. Amenities run the gamut from having a basketball court or having your room, to receiving therapeutic massages, going on outdoor adventures, or the dietary offerings made available. Whatever the Hawaii rehab center offers, the list should be filled with things that will enrich your journey.

Specializes in Your Addiction

Do not waste your time at drug treatment facilities that do not treat your specific type of addiction. Instead, inquire as to the types of addictions they treat most frequently. While many drug treatment facilities provide care for various addictions, some primarily focus on one. Don’t make the mistake of entering into a rehab that doesn’t treat your addiction.

Has a Good Success Rate

Another criterion that requires a small disclaimer is this one. The success rates of various program types will vary greatly. Thus, the definition of a “good” success rate for each type of program will also differ.

Aftercare Plan

There’s still work to do. Fighting addiction demands effort. So, inquire about the program’s aftercare plan to ensure you may continue on your new route. This can entail counseling, sober living, therapy, and support groups.

We at Honu House offer Hawaii’s first private, clean, and sober home. Our Hawaii rehab center is certified and registered with the Hawaii State Department of Health – Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division. We work to achieve the specific goals of each of our clients, whatever those may be. Learn more about our facilities and expert residents here.

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    By John Burke

  • October 24, 2022

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