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Alcohol Recovery Support in Kona: What Can You Do to Help?

Addiction, such as alcoholism, can happen to anyone. It can happen to men, women, and even children. It can happen regardless of your background, ethnicity, and income level. However, proven and tested ways to cure an addiction include rehab and receiving great alcohol recovery support in Kona.

Attending rehab is ideal for treating addiction problems, mental health issues, trauma, and chronic stress.

There can be potential roadblocks or difficulties in getting someone to attend rehab or commence their recovery journey, and it is often the families and friends of the addicted who experience a great deal of stress and trauma in relation to their loved one’s journey.  Despite the challenges, it is a worthy avocation to assist someone in finding their way out of addiction and into the light of recovery.

Here are some ways to show your support and love to someone recovering from alcoholism:

Accept Them Without Judgment

Being judged is genuinely one of everyone’s fears. For someone recovering from an addiction, this fear is one of the things they are most worried about. It can significantly affect someone’s recovery, especially if the judgment comes from someone dear to them. Try to avoid negativity and criticism at home as much as possible in order to contribute to a family member’s complete recovery.

Instead of showing negativity, expressing your support and love can significantly influence your loved one’s recovery process.

Educate Yourself on Alcoholism and Its Recovery Process

To understand and effectively help your loved ones in the recovery process, learning what the addiction is all about and knowing the process of recovery is essential. It will then be much easier for you to assist and attend to their needs in case they ask for help.

One way of  being actively involved in their recovery is knowing what can potentially trigger them to feel like picking up a drink. Additionally, learning healthy coping mechanisms to share with them during stressful times is also helpful.

Become an Active Listener

Recovering from addiction requires a lot of physical, mental, and emotional processing. As a result, they are overthinking what awaits them in the future, and how they can make amends for everything they did in the past when they had alcoholism. The recovering alcoholic is carrying a lot of baggage on their shoulders. This is why having someone to talk to can be helpful.

Family sessions can be beneficial in their early phases of recovery and are often suggested or encouraged. However, don’t be afraid to remind them often throughout their journey that they are loved and supported during the process.

Stimulate Healthy Habits

Invite them to exercise, cook food together, play sports, and do other positive and substance-free activities you can do with your family. Diverting their attention to other things that can help them recover is very important.

You can also go on a hike, ride a bike, see a movie, or go on a vacation. Do everything or anything that can influence a change of lifestyle for them.

Recovering from addiction, trauma, and chronic stress can take so much of your time because of the long recovery process to ensure you successfully get through that phase of your life. Always make them feel that they’re not alone on their recovery journey. Show your love and support for them, or you can opt to seek alcohol recovery support in Kona at Honu House Hawaii for their complete and successful healing. We will gladly attend to everything you need in your journey to recovery. Get in touch with us today.

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    By John Burke

  • November 7, 2022

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