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Tips For Finding The Best Drug Rehab In Kona

  • By John Burke

  • July 4, 2022

There are plenty of rehab centers here in Hawaii that can help you in your recovery. But how do you know which one is right for you? We have some tips you can use to find the best drug rehab in Kona.

Get an assessment from a doctor or addiction specialist

The best person you can turn to for help is your doctor or a substance use disorder professional. Consulting with them on what kind of treatment you need will help narrow your options for drug rehab centers. Not everyone needs inpatient treatment. Some may only require an intensive outpatient program or maybe just attending 12-step programs. As long as it’s the best fit for the patient, it can be just as effective as a 90-day residential treatment.

Research the facilities to find the best drug rehab in Kona

Many people who suffer from alcoholism also have other conditions, such as depression or anxiety. Luckily, there are also rehab centers equipped to deal with co-occurring conditions. But not all. So make sure to check your choices if they have resources available to treat dual diagnoses, specifically if they have counselors trained to treat alcoholism and depression. Then, you can contact them directly about their services.

Check if the center uses medication

Treatments can vary across different rehab centers. Some facilities, for example, use the abstinence model when treating drug addiction. Meaning that the patient doesn’t take drugs of any kind during treatment. Meanwhile, some centers offer medication. These drugs help relieve withdrawal symptoms to make treatment easier for the patient. You should also be aware that some centers offer detox while others don’t.

Look for a facility with longevity

Avoid rehab centers that have only been in business for less than five years. Some of these centers might be okay. But there are also plenty that is only taking advantage of the high demand for drug rehab services. Usually, shady businesses don’t stay up too long. They fail because of unethical or unlawful practices. So when looking for the best drug rehab in Kona, check their track record. The center should be open longer than five years. They tend to remain open longer because they do good work.

Luxury doesn’t mean quality

Pricing is a factor when choosing a drug rehab center. But you should also understand that high prices don’t necessarily equate to better services. Some pricier centers typically have posh facilities like pools and private rooms. They are also usually located in upscale neighborhoods. However, some are reported to have many problems. For example, some lack basic counseling or are understaffed or have poor staff supervision.

Avoid rehab centers that guarantee success

Hawaii Recovery Center for an addiction is not a cure. It’s a process that the patient must follow through. So it’s impossible to guarantee success for an addict. It’s up to the individual if they will follow their treatment plan once they leave the center. You should choose a rehab center that follows the 12-step model. That’s because it has a continuing program of attending support group meetings even after the patient has left the center.

Honu House Hawaii: the best drug rehab in Kona

Honu House Hawaii ticks all the boxes when looking for the best drug rehab in Kona. We offer a peaceful and sober environment and a friendly and professional staff that will be with you every step of your recovery journey. So reach out to us today.