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What Is The 12 Step Recovery Program in Hawaii

A 12-step program in Hawaii can help many recovering addicts turn their lives around for the better. But what are the “12 steps”? And where can you find an effective 12-step recovery program in Hawaii? We answer those questions in this article.

What is a 12-step program in Hawaii?

Perhaps you’ve already heard of 12-step programs. And maybe you’ve heard that it’s been helpful for those trying to recover from an addiction. But what is it? It is a program first developed and used by Alcoholics Anonymous in 1938. It is, like its name implies, a 12-step plan to help overcome addictions and compulsions. Its original aim was to create a spiritual foundation of basic principles for the personal recovery of the people suffering from alcoholism. After its introduction, the concept of the 12 steps was then put into use by the family and friends of alcoholics, allowing them to access the tools of recovery as well.

The founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, developed the original 12-step method. They published it in the book Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered from Alcoholism. Colloquially, it is known by many AA members as the “Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous”. Since then, many groups worldwide have created offshoots of the original AA 12-step program. That’s because many members of these programs found that the steps were not just a way to overcome addiction. They also became a guide towards a new way of living. Usually with nothing but slight alternations in the wording of each step to fit the exact compulsion or addiction a group is using them for, the basic idea behind each step stays the same.

In 12-step programs, recovery discusses addiction’s physical, mental, and emotional effects. The program then responds with specific actions for those effects. There are two unique features of a 12-step program:

  • Group setting – Recovery groups discuss and apply the 12 steps during their meetings. The concept emphasizes self-admission of the problem they are recovering from.
  • Sponsorship – A sponsor is an experienced recovering person who guides the group’s new members. They are similar to a mentor who is willing to share their journey through the 12-step program. Some groups will encourage the idea of sponsorship, while others may utilize the idea of working with a “fellow traveler”. Either way, the idea is to not go it alone, have accountability, and be willing to be open with and establish a relationship another person.

What are the 12 steps?

Over time, there have been adaptations of the original Twelve Steps. But the premise of each step remains the same for all recovery programs.

Exploring each step in-depth and seeing how others applied these in their lives is very helpful for the ones recovering. They can use it to gain insight into their own experiences. And through it, they can also find the strength and hope to recover.

So, these are basic ideas behind the steps as originally outlined in the Big Book and presented by AA (although not the original wording):

  1. Admit powerlessness over the addiction
  2. Believe that a higher power can help
  3. Turn control over to that higher power
  4. Take personal inventory
  5. Admit the wrongs done
  6. Become ready/willing to have that higher power assist in healing any shortcomings in one’s character
  7. Ask said higher power to remove those shortcomings
  8. Make a list of wrongs one has done to others and be willing to make amends
  9. Contact those who have been hurt, unless it would harm them
  10. Continue to take personal inventory and admit one’s wrongs
  11. Seek enlightenment and connection via meditation and prayer
  12. Bring the 12-Steps and its message to those in need

12-step Recovery Program in Hawaii

Since its introduction in the 1930s, the 12-step recovery program and its variations have helped many people who suffer alcohol abuse. It has served as their framework for dealing with their addiction, be it from alcohol or other substances. Today, millions upon millions of people, suffering from a wide array of afflictions, rely on the format of the 12-steps to aid them in abstaining from the things that were bringing them harm.

If you are open to experiencing the power of 12-step recovery, and you are open to joining a 12-step recovery program in Hawaii, we at Honu House Hawaii can help. Our resident addiction recovery experts, and our recovering residents, are the support group you need on your journey to sobriety. We utilize 12-step recovery methods in our holistic wellness program. Connect with us today.

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    By John Burke

  • June 12, 2022

Discover how the 12-Step Recovery Program in Hawaii fosters personal growth and recovery, as explained by John Burke.

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