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FAQs About the 12-Step Program in Hawaii

  • By John Burke

  • October 31, 2022

People who suffer from addiction can join a 12-step program for their recovery. It is a powerful peer support group that assists people in recovering from addictions and other re-occurring mental health conditions. People with addiction and behavioral disorders attend these programs after receiving treatments to maintain their efforts for recovery, although many search them out and begin attendance without ever having participated in a treatment program as well. Moreover, the 12-step program in Hawaii is a great way to connect with a support group (a group that consists of people who’ve been through the same and understand your journey).

Get familiar with the 12-step program outlined in the original Big Book presented by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The following list summarizes the ideas presented in each step, and is not verbatim from the original book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

  1. Accept powerlessness towards addiction.

  2. Have faith that a higher power can help.

  3. Decide on giving the control over to the higher power.

  4. Take a personal inventory.

  5. Acknowledge to the higher power all the wrongdoings listed in the inventory.

  6. Be prepared to have the higher power correct any imperfection in one’s character.

  7. Appeal to the higher ability to remove imperfections.

  8. Create a list of all the wrongdoings and become willing to make amendments for all harms caused.

  9. Reach out to people who have been wronged, unless doing so can harm them.

  10. Consistently create a personal inventory and admit when one is wrong.

  11. Seek enlightenment and connection with the higher power through meditation and prayer.

  12. Share the message of the 12 steps with people who need it.

Various Peer Groups Supporting Specific Substance Addiction

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) – This is specifically for people suffering from alcohol addictions.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) – NA support group is for people attempting to recover from drug addiction.

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) – It is a fellowship of men and women who share their willingness to stop using cocaine and other mind-altering substances.

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) – GA is a peer group support that helps people with gambling addictions to recover.

What to Expect When Attending a 12-step Program in Hawaii

These programs are usually held at community centers or churches where meetings are free of charge. However, donations are occasionally accepted in order to pay for minor upkeep of the group (rent, refreshments, etc.). The format of each meeting is determined by the members who attend it regularly, so one meeting may be very different from the next. One thing many meetings have in common is that when an individual decides to share with the group, they will start off by identifying themselves by their first name and what their addiction is.  It is entirely possible and normal to attend a meeting and simply observe, listen, and reflect without speaking up or sharing. Oftentimes this is more comfortable when a person is new and trying to get an idea of what happens in this space. It is often encouraged to be willing to introduce yourself to at least a few people and let them get to know you better. They will likely be eager to answer any questions you might have or introduce you to other members that they think might be of use to you.

While anonymity is a primary tenet of these groups,  there is no way to enforce confidentiality after the meeting ends. To this end, group members are encouraged to exercise a level of caution about what they reveal to the group as a whole. That being said, it is extremely common for people to become vulnerable and speak about things that would not normally make it into daily discussion. It is up to each person what and how they share, and they determine their own level of comfort over what details they speak on.

How does someone know if the 12-step program is appropriate for them?

These are some factors to consider in deciding to attend a 12-step program. These will help you assess yourself and know if attending the program is the right path.

  • If you are unsure of your condition and hearing what people have to say might be helpful for you.

  • You have tried to stop using drugs and drinking alcohol on your own but eventually failed.

  • When you feel like needing something more, aside from counseling or being in an outpatient program for addiction.

  • If you are seeking solid aftercare options after completing a treatment program that can provide accountability and help promote continuous recovery.

  • You seek to have accountability, community, support, and connection with people walking a similar path to your own.

Attending meetings for a 12-step program in Hawaii is an excellent way to help you on your journey to complete recovery. Honu House Hawaii ensures that the 12-step program is being used in every holistic wellness program we offer. Reach out to us today!