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What you can do to get over social media addiction in Kona

  • By John Burke

  • May 16, 2022

Social media is inescapable these days. It’s on our phones, our watches, in even in our cars! Almost everyone who has a phone is sure to have a social media app. Almost everyone has social media accounts in this day and age. It’s as common as having a phone. For some people, however, their lives have begun revolving completely around social media. At a time where everyone is engaged in social media, what can a person who feels consumed by it? In this article, we’ll talk about how to get over social media addiction in Hawaii, the steps you can take, and the treatments you might need.

How to stop or limit social media use

Usually, abstinence or avoidance is the treatment for substance abuse, such as alcohol or drug addiction. But for social media addiction, the ideal result is controlled use rather than altogether avoiding it. Therefore, the person suffering from social media addiction doesn’t need to give it up entirely. However, having strategies for limiting the use is vital.

So if you are worried that you have a social media addiction or think you’re on social media apps too much, don’t worry. There are things you can do to decrease your overall use.

Go on a social media cleanse

You can challenge yourself not to check your social media for a certain time. It could be just for a few hours or a whole week. There was one study done in 2019 where students went five days without social media. Some felt a “sense of serenity,” while others experienced the dreaded fear of missing out. Sometimes, just challenging ourselves to a short “cleanse” can be really useful in determining what our relationship with social media is like. Social media cleanses are like a thermometer…a gauge for what social media is doing for you and how you are engaging with social media.

Delete apps or disable notifications

Most of the time, people check their social media mindlessly. You can deter yourself from doing that by turning off your notifications in your settings. By not hearing an alert from your phone or not seeing a social media icon pop up, you’re slightly less likely to open the app. If you want to increase the likelihood of abstaining from mindlessly checking your accounts, you can also delete the app. This can be especially useful for some, as adding a few extra steps to logging in can be just enough deterrent to start limiting interaction times.

Set limits and follow them

Many smartphones and tablets let you view how much time you spend on certain apps. Often times there are settings with titles like “screen time” that can be engaged to simply monitor your activity. Luckily, they often come with a setting or option that enables you to limit your usage time on the apps. You can set this up or use a third-party app that blocks social media once you’ve passed your limit. It’s also recommended that social media should not interfere with other activities such as meal times, exercise, or “unplugged downtime.”

Engage in your hobbies or new activities

To curb the urge to check your social media constantly, why not find a new hobby you can do instead? Doing so will fill up your free time with other activities that you enjoy and are good for you. This will result in you having less time to check social media and more time to be more present in your life. Having hobbies will also let you socialize in person instead of through a screen. Not only that, by engaging in other activities, you will be encouraging healthy activity in your brain. The brain and its pleasure pathways form memory. The more you activate them with healthy alternatives, the more your brain will push you to keep engaging in those same healthy activities, and the less it will “ask” for social media!

Social media addiction treatment

Perhaps the steps above are not enough to decrease your social media addiction. Maybe you have already tried over and over again and just can’t escape, no matter how much you want or need to. You are not alone. There are many like you who struggle with this addiction, and there are many who have discovered freedom with some extra help. If you are ready to experience life free from this addiction there are recovery centers offering programs and treatments to help with social media addiction.

Those who have social media addiction can engage in different therapy programs, depending on their needs. For instance, you can be enrolled in a cognitive behavioral therapy program or a dialectical behavior therapy program to help you get over your social media addiction.

How to get over social media addiction in Hawaii? Honu house Hawaii is here to help.

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