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Steps To Recovering From Alcoholism in Hawaii

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem faced by many people worldwide. But there is always help available for those who want to make a change and experience life in a new way. In this article, we list what you can do to recover and where to find help when recovering from alcoholism in Hawaii.

Recovering from alcoholism in Hawaii means setting goals and preparing for change

Once you’ve decided to change, the next step is to establish clear goals. The more specific and realistic they are, the better. Do you want to stop altogether or just cut back? And when do you plan to stop drinking?

After setting your goals, you can also write down ideas on how you can accomplish these goals. For example, you can get rid of temptations by removing alcohol and alcohol-related items from your home and office. Additionally, telling your friends and family your plans can also help when setting your boundaries.

Turn to alcohol addiction treatment options

There are many people who can stop drinking on their own, while many people will find that they are need of extra support or guidance, often through a rehab or a 12-step program. Meanwhile, some people who are more severely dependent and alcohol will require medical supervision in order to withdraw safely from alcohol. Choosing the best option for you would depend on several things. For instance, taking into consideration factors such as how much you’ve been drinking, how long you’ve been drinking, your living situation, and any health issues you might have are all important determining variables when considering recovery. Be sure to talk to your doctor as they can evaluate your health and offer treatment referrals and assist you in making a safe and healthy plan.

Safely withdraw from alcohol

Addiction makes you dependent on the substance you’ve been abusing. In this case, stopping alcohol use after becoming dependent on it will trigger withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms are

  • Headache

  • Shaking

  • Sweating

  • Nausea

  • Anxiety or restlessness

  • Stomach cramps

  • Trouble sleeping or concentrating

  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure

These symptoms may start within hours after you stop drinking and may last for a day or two. Unfortunately for some, withdrawal can be life-threatening. If you have been a heavy drinker for years, withdrawal might take a bigger toll on you. If that’s the case, you will need medically supervised detox. You can go through this type of detox in a hospital or alcohol treatment center. You will also have the option of doing it on an outpatient or inpatient basis. Your addiction specialist will prescribe you medication to prevent and relieve symptoms. At some facilities, such as Honu House Hawaii, a large part of their program is dedicated to assisting the process of withdrawal through a holistic approach of wellness and recovery techniques, thereby greatly reducing the discomfort of detox.

Get support

Having a support system is essential for your alcohol recovery. It is much easier when you have someone you can rely on for encouragement, guidance, and comfort.

Support can come from your family and friends, so telling them about your journey is important. However, if you’re having trouble opening up about it, or you do not feel like the people in your life are going to be supportive, you can consider seeking additional help in telling them via routes like addressing the process in a couples or family therapy session.

Joining recovery support groups and meetings can also help you build a network of people who have gone through or are currently going through recovery themselves. They will understand your plight better than anyone else will, and you can also benefit from the wisdom of their shared experiences.

And if your social life revolved around alcohol before, then maybe it’s time to make new connections. It’s essential to have sober friends during your recovery. Try attending activities in your community or join volunteer groups as a start. Whilst many people are afraid that a life of recovery will be dull, that simply couldn’t be further from the truth. Within the rooms of 12-step recovery programs you will find communities of sober people who are living life to the fullest together, going on hikes, having dances, and creating myriad other social outings to continue to bring joy and social interaction into their daily lives. There is no end to the fun and fulfillment that can be had as a sober member of society.

Prepare for cravings and triggers

Cravings are unavoidable when trying to recover from alcoholism. So you must prepare for it by planning out how to cope and manage them when they arise. First, identify your triggers. Simply forming an awareness of the things that cause a desire to drink in you can be useful in the beginning. Where possible, you can try to eliminate triggers. This is one area where working with a professional or a friend in recovery can be helpful. However, many triggers are likely to be unavoidable. Perhaps it is something in your home environment, or something as simple as “Friday nights”. In recovery, we build tools and techniques that help us face our triggers, to make them less powerful, and allow us to move through them with safety and ease.

If you find yourself struggling with cravings, or thought patterns and feelings that are difficult to manage, it helps to talk to someone you can trust. In some instances it may be that you want to talk about your feelings, and in other instances, it might be that you need a distraction from your own thought life for a while. One of the most common pieces of advice in recovery is to “get out of yourself and ask someone else how their day is going.”

Recovering from alcoholism in Hawaii

The alcohol recovery journey is a challenging one. But there are many professionals who are always ready to help anyone who wants to get better. Honu House Hawaii is one of those. Recovering from alcoholism in Hawaii is better when you get help from us at Honu House Hawaii. Contact us today.

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    By John Burke

  • July 11, 2022

John Burke, founder of Honu House Hawaii, guides individuals through the essential steps to recover from alcoholism in Hawaii, offering compassionate support and a path to lasting sobriety.

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