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Importance of Drug Rehab in Hawaii

Drug rehabilitation aims to halt patient substance abuse and ensure they can create healthier ways to move forward in life. This can be harder than it looks, but it’s more than worth the effort, as it is often the difference between life and death. Drug Rehab Centers in Hawaii can significantly help patients’ recovery. Here are the many ways rehab can positively impact your life:

Drug Rehab Breaks the Cycle of Addiction

People with drug addictions are much more likely to experience lasting recovery when they’re in drug-free environments, surrounded by well-equipped people to help them though detox, build up recovery-specific tools, and address their specific healing needs. Also, the professionals found within recovery centers can hold patients accountable when it comes to achieving their goals in rehabilitation. The primary purpose of rehab is to create healthy habits and frameworks that allow you pr a loved one to break the addictive cycle.

It Informs Patients About Their Triggers

One way drug rehab in Hawaii helps a recovering addict is by providing them with ample “addiction education”. For example, treatment centers not only provide knowledge on topics like triggers (people, places, or things that cause a person to crave drugs), they also help a patient identify what their unique triggers are. Thus, you can see which events, experiences, habits, and even people might cause you to desire drugs when re-entering your life outside of rehab. With these insights, you can explore your triggers and then take measures to avoid or manage your cravings once you transition into everyday life.

Rehab Educates Patients on Addiction

Drug rehab provides a better understanding of addiction, which can significantly help patients who are struggling with cravings. After all, chronic substance abuse causes changes to your mind and body. Because the process of detoxing from a substance usually results in an ability to think more clearly, it becomes easier to learn and grasp the new concepts and information that is being given about addiction during the treatment process. Patients learn how addiction affects their brains, bodies, and behaviors. Also, through the education provided in treatment, you can counteract the problems that arise from your addiction.

Rehab Allows You to Build Healthy Habits

Drug rehab patients may have poor discipline and inadequate self-care habits, either resulting from or adding to their susceptibility to, addiction. However, during rehab, patients must set actionable, achievable goals that begin with a sincere desire to recover. Without this desire as a starting point, patients may not be able to achieve their goals. Rehab helps you learn to set short and long-term goals, gives you access to people who will hold you accountable, and teaches you how to reach each new milestone. Ultimately, each goal adds up to a satisfying life of recovery.

Rehab Lets Patients Establish Boundaries

Drug rehab patients likely had very little responsibility for managing their lives. While this is not always the case, it is a common story among addicts. Meanwhile, their loved ones may have been taking on too much responsibility. Poorly defined boundaries will cause family and friends to assume particular roles in a patient’s life in order to mitigate stress. This can run the gamut from giving them a place to stay, paying their rent or bills, or continually letting them get away with behaviors and actions that would normally be unacceptable. Unfortunately, family and friends who have willingly (or begrudgingly) taken on the responsibilities of the addict, don’t end up helping their loved one in the way they intended. Many partners or families have hoped that if they help “just this one last time”, the addict in their life will clean up, get help, and change for the better. This is rarely the result, and addicts will often continue their behavior and addiction for even longer as a result. An important part of any drug rehab in Hawaii will have an educational component that allows the patient to learn, practice, and establish healthy boundaries with the people in their lives. Some rehab centers extend counseling or sessions to the family and friends as well, allowing them to also learn more and heal their relationships with the addict.

Drug Rehab Comes with Counseling and Therapy

Effective rehab treatments require a combination of approaches to achieve success. There are many underlying reasons for substance abuse, and getting to the root of the issue can significantly help patient recovery. For instance, rehab patients can suffer from co-occurring disorders. An example of this would be someone who is not only an addict or alcoholic, but might also be suffering from something like PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), depression, or ADHD. Fortunately, some of the drug rehab centers in Hawaii, as well as other places in the world, provide counseling and therapy sessions with informed, skilled professionals. In particular, places such as Honu House Hawaii, specialize in treating addicts who have co-occurring conditions. Their team works diligently to create specialized, individualized treatment plans that address all of the issues, traumas, and difficulties that might get in the way of a person’s ability to experience lasting recovery. If you or your loved one potentially have conditions other than addiction at play, it is integral to the recovery process that the rehab center you choose be equipped to work through these conditions with you.

Talk to Us at Honu House Hawaii!

For patients, rehab starts with acknowledging their substance abuse problem. From there, they embark on the life-changing road of recovery. In many cases, drug addiction isn’t easy to recover from, but it is always worth it. Recovery requires a desire to start anew. And lasting recovery requires a supportive, compassionate, holistic approach. Choosing to start your journey by building a strong foundation at the right Hawaiin rehab center can make all the difference in your success and freedom from addiction.

The rehabilitation process is meant to help patients develop healthy practices and heal from the myriad issues that have been blocking them from sustaining a life of worthwhile recovery. By following their treatment plans and using the tools they learned, they can return to life outside of rehab and stay sober.  At Honu House, we not only offer essential drug rehab treatments, facilities, and professionals that can help you manage the effects of addiction, we also offer you the opportunity to start living your life to the fullest. Reach out to us today.

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    By John Burke

  • November 28, 2022

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