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When To Go To Gaming Addiction Treatment Centers in Hawaii

Playing video games is not inherently a bad thing, however there are certain situations when looking for gaming addiction centers in Hawaii is a must. Plenty of adults and kids enjoy video games and are able to play in moderation. It’s also possible to play a game for extended periods of time without crossing over into the realm of addiction. If you have concern about your relationship with gaming, there are Video game signs and symptoms that professionals look for. It’s already identified as an addiction if you or your loved one:

  • Is preoccupied with thoughts of gaming the majority of the time

  • Plays video games to change their mood

  • Has developed a tolerance for gaming

  • Needs to play video games more and more frequently

  • Are experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not gaming

Treatment is available if you or a loved one is experiencing any of these. You can consult your doctor or an addiction specialist to evaluate what kind of treatment you need.

Treatments for video game addiction in Hawaii

Research for video gaming addiction and treatment is still ongoing. However, some experts have found that treatments for other addictions also work for gaming addiction. Oftentimes they recommend counseling and various forms of therapy as treatment. Therapies can also be taken as is or combined with other treatment methods. Options for either inpatient or outpatient treatment are also available.

Some common therapy types used for gaming addiction include:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of talk therapy commonly used for many types of addiction. CBT addresses why you or your loved one is stuck in a pattern of playing video games excessively. CBT also deals with shifting the patient’s thoughts towards healthier thinking patterns. It helps with modifying their behavior in a way that encourages more positive thinking and behavioral patterns. The therapy includes techniques like setting goals and learning to overcome the thinking that sparks compulsive gaming.

Family therapy

Family therapy is also helpful for gaming addiction. It can address issues at home that causes the patient to turn to gaming to avoid their problems, while also addressing the way it has affected other members in the household.

Self-help and group therapy

Another option is attending group therapy sessions to treat video game addiction. Attending group sessions will make you realize that you are not alone and that others have gone through and are going through the same thing.

Other treatment options

One therapy method that also helps is wilderness therapy. This alternative method involves removing the patient from the source and placing them in a natural environment, hence the name. As a result, they are free of the distractions of modern technology, which allows them to be comfortable with their own emotions. It also helps with their physical health and encourages personal growth.

Where to find gaming addiction treatment centers in Hawaii

Gaming is an enjoyable pastime if done in moderation. But when you find yourself or your loved one having trouble quitting video games, it might have become an addiction. At this point, whenever you form an awareness of how it’s affecting your life, it’s time to get help to recover before it worsens. If you’re in Hawaii and you’re looking for gaming addiction treatment centers in Hawaii, we’re here to help. Honu House Hawaii is a recovery home for anyone who wants to recover from addiction, be it drugs, drinking, or video games. Are you ready to get better? Then reach out to us today.

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    By John Burke

  • June 29, 2022

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