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Where Can You Find Alcohol Recovery Homes In Hawaii?

Completing a program at an alcohol recovery home in Hawaii is an achievement in and of itself. Seriously. However, the transition from rehab back into one’s familiar life can be extremely challenging. To go directly from a protected environment, free of daily triggers, free of the ability or option to use, and then right back into “reality” can be too much of a leap for many individuals. It is for this exact reason that homes such as Honu House Hawaii were created.

Honu House acts as a bridge between detox or rehab in Hawaii and your “regular” life. It provides additional support, protections, and guidance to ease the transition a little more slowly. By giving you time to get your bearings and opportunity to practice newly developing coping skills, a person’s chance of maintaining their sobriety in the long run great increase.

What are alcohol recovery homes in Hawaii?

An alcohol recovery home in Hawaii is a bridge between an inpatient facility and the “real world.” You may also know it as a a halfway house or a sober living home.

For some patients, adjusting to their daily life can be difficult after leaving an inpatient facility. An alcohol recovery home is the in-between recovery option that lets them reinforce what they learned while in rehab.

It’s an excellent option to help ease any of the patient’s concerns they may have about going from a monitored environment to being left alone. And for many who are in early recovery, it’s also their only option for a safe, sober living scenario.

An alcohol recovery home doesn’t have the same structure as inpatient facilities. But an important feature is it provides a sober environment. It is an environment where patients can develop and reinforce healthy coping skills and habits.

What to expect

While in an inpatient treatment center, patients don’t have much independence. Their rehab programs keep them busy. Plus, their recovery specialists also monitor them closely. But in alcohol recovery homes, they have more freedom.

You are not limited to the recovery home if you are a resident. So you can come and go as you please. This freedom allows you to feel like you are easing back into everyday life and going back to your daily tasks. But even though an alcohol recovery home is less restrictive, there are still rules that residents must obey. These can include curfews, group meetings or therapies, as well as potential drug screenings to keep residents accountable.

Benefits to staying in an alcohol recovery home in Hawaii

There are many benefits to being a resident of an alcohol recovery home. One is that many recovery homes require regular attendance to 12-step programs, which are an excellent growth and maintenance tool for recovery. These programs are known to create structure and accountability for those in recovery. Staying in a sober living home also helps form positive friendships. This kind of support allows residents to reinforce their desire to be clean. The support system that is built into the alcohol recovery home helps residents deal with the dread of returning to the more isolated environment of home life (wherein isolation can initially be triggering for recovering addicts and alcoholics).

A sober living home acts as a transitional housing option for patients coming out of treatment. Thus, alcohol recovery homes usually mimic everyday life situations while helping instill healthy habits. This setup helps to reduce the chance of relapse among the residents.

Alcohol recovery homes also guide residents do several things like:

  • Finding a job
  • Finding housing after treatment
  • Mending relationships that were affected by the patient’s alcoholism
  • Adjusting to sober living in an unstructured environment

Find alcohol recovery homes in Hawaii

In Hawaii, at least 17% of adults suffer from alcoholism. And many alcohol rehab centers and alcohol recovery homes in Hawaii are working to decrease that number. In addition, there are many sober living homes in the state that you can go to for help. If you’re looking for sober living homes in Kona, you can always turn to Honu House Hawaii. With a safe and comfortable environment ideal for those in recovery, we provide hope for those impacted by substance abuse and addiction. To top it off, we provide an incredibly diverse array of treatment options to bolster the health, wellness, and recovery of every resident. We believe that recovery is more than just addressing the “ism”…its addressing trauma, digging deep, rediscovering the love of adventure and nature, and friendship. We provide a holistic environment for total transformation.

Reach out to us today.

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    By John Burke

  • June 11, 2022

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