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When it comes to addiction recovery, we understand one size does not fit all. That’s why a highly personalized addiction treatment program can be so beneficial. At our Hawaii rehab center, we take into account your unique situation and needs, and tailor a recovery plan specifically for you.

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At Honu House Hawaii, we believe that addiction recovery is not just about treating the symptoms of addiction, but about healing the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. Our holistic approach to addiction treatment sets us apart from other rehabs in Hawaii.

Addiction Treatment Center Hawaii

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Looking for a serene and comfortable environment for addiction treatment? Look no further than Honu House Hawaii, established in 2016.

Our holistic addiction treatment center provides private and semi-private rooms equipped with all necessary amenities to ensure client comfort. At Honu House Hawaii, we are dedicated to offering premier Hawaii rehabilitation services to help individuals on their journey to recovery.

Addiction Treatment Center Hawaii
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Jeff KleinJeff Klein
01:52 22 Mar 23
I've worked in this field for 18 years and can honestly say that this is the best drug and alcohol rehab I've encountered. John and Nick are very involved, and Eliza is a highly skilled therapist. The house is immaculate, and the culture is healing and the modalities such as breathwork, cold plunge, vitamin IV's, NAD are highly effective. Definitely recommend Honu House Hawaii for Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation.
nidia cheeldnidia cheeld
15:41 20 Mar 23
I am the Mother of a recovering addict; I have no words to describe my gratitude to the Honu House Hawaii And its team. My son struggled with drug addictions for over ten years.When I first called The Honu House, I spoke with John Burke; I explained the situation about my son, and he was kind, understanding, and knowledgeable of my son's needs. John checked up with my son days before my son got admitted into their program; John made sure my son was ok and safe. The level of care and commitment this team provides are above many other programs I have known. The communication was top-notch, I reside in a different state John and his team made it possible they answer all of my questions and concerns.The multidisciplinary team goes above and beyond. The team includes and involves the family in the recovery process. The goals and expectations of the patients are attainable.I am very pleased with the program. The program is based on group sessions, patient-specific therapy sessions, and the holistic approach which I believe is essential in improving health. Everyone is compassionate about their work starting with John, the therapists, the social workers the Psychiatrist, and the driver.Honu house provided structure, and a safe atmosphere, they made my son feel warmly cared for and comfortable he felt at home.The program set a healthy foundation that he can continue as he transitions into a healthy sober life.I have no words to describe my gratitude to The Honu House for all the work and compassion they have shown to my son and me.
Taylor ChodorowTaylor Chodorow
16:38 24 Jun 22
I have been in and out of treatment centers and sober livings since 2003 before landing at Honu House by way of California in 2018 . Never before have I been able be apart of a community where I’ve been afforded a foundation to succeed like I have at Honu House . Every other program I felt like I was getting taken advantage of , but at Honu House not only did I see where my money was reinvested back into myself but the upper management was involved in almost everyday of my stay there . The combination of Island life, those who work at Honu who have not become jaded in helping addicts like myself and are still passionate about what they do were the exact recipe I needed to recover .
Kathy SuttonKathy Sutton
23:39 17 Jul 21
Top notch integrity, respectful treatment of residents, beyond timely communication and extremely reasonable rates. Unfortunately, my son was not quite ready to tackle his recovery but John Burke - owner & operator - went above and beyond what we have experienced at several recovery type homes. His honesty, integrity, compassion and willingness are second to none. In recovery we learn early on that “ we cannot keep what we do not give away,” well, John is sharing from a precious heart the gift of recovery he has received and desires to live out his program while helping others do the same. John and the Honu House have found a special place in my heart and this program will remain in my prayers 🙏🏻
shallon cerfshallon cerf
01:26 08 May 21
I cannot say enough good things about Honu House. My dad lived there for the better part of 7 months. John B and the staff sincerely care about their clients before, during, and after the stay. John is wealth of knowledge on all things addiction and is very well connected and respected in the community. The house is very large and has stunning full ocean views, transportation and food were provided. My dad also got to have some amazing experiences during the house outings like horseback riding, deep sea fishing, and hiking to beautiful places. This is the perfect place to heal.
22:32 25 Mar 21
HISL is where mystical, spiritual and practical life elements convene.John B is at the helm, as an ultra trustworthy guide, steering a ship of mighty people, through troublesome waters. Initially, he uses his own compass, while his crew regains their individual, trusty compasses. John B and his team, truly help a loved one navigate the rocky sea of substances. Can’t think of a safer shore than this one John has established on the Big Island. All that’s required here is a positive attitude, letting the journey begin, and a will and commitment to steer one’s life in a healthy direction. We give all the stars 🌟 in the sky to John B and his team! Mahalo, M
Sara DSara D
09:22 11 Nov 20
I can't say enough good things about these guys. We tried so many other sober living homes for our son and none of them came close to what he experienced at Honu House. The staff is amazing. They truly care and provide a loving, safe, fun, and supportive environment for recovery. Our son could never get more than a few months sober before Honu House and he just celebrated his first anniversary clean and sober. I can't thank them enough.
Nick TerryNick Terry
00:38 16 Feb 20
I’ve worked in the field of recovery for the last 5 years and have been clean and sober for over 6 year. I can tell you from my personal and professional experience that Honu House is one of the best sober living homes in the business. The owner John Burke is a fine example of how the recovery process works. If you are considering a sober living environment for yourself or a loved one this is worth looking at.
A Google User
A Google User
00:38 16 Feb 20
I’ve worked in the field of recovery for the last 5 years and have been clean and sober for over 6 year. I can tell you from my personal and professional experience that Honu House is one of the best sober living homes in the business. The owner John Burke is a fine example of how the recovery process works. If you are considering a sober living environment for yourself or a loved one this is worth looking at.

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Our compassionate team of highly trained addiction counselors and recovery specialists are committed to providing intensive healing therapies to support our clients’ long-term addiction recovery.

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Seeking help for addiction can be overwhelming. Our addiction blog offers support and expert guidance for those in need. Let us be a source of comfort and hope on your journey to lasting recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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